Üzenetek a hazai zsidó és LMBTQ közösségnek

Július 23-án rendeztük meg – idén már kilencedik alkalommal – a Budapest Pride fesztivál kapcsán a befogadó zsidó közösségek LMBTQ támogató istentiszteletét

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A Kántor Anita rabbi és a Szim Salom Hitközség által szervezett Pride Kábálát Sábbátot több külföldi rabbi is üdvözölte. Mindegyik rabbi nagy örömmel tett eleget Anita rabbi felkérésének és kifejezte együttérzését az aktuálpolitikai helyzet miatt.

Rene Pfertzel rabbi
co-chair of the European Progressive Rabbinic Assembly

Shabbat Shalom from London!

My name is Rabbi Rene Pfertzel. I am the Rabbi of Kingston Liberal Synagogue.

I came here today to send you the greetings of our European Rabbinic Association, and to send our heartfelt Mazel Tov, to you, the Jewish community of Budapest, its leaders, and its Rabbi, Anita Kantor.

We’ve heard that the Hungarian parliament passed a law introducing heavier sanctions on sexual crimes against minors. That move is very positive, because it is our duty to protect our children. However, due to last-minute changes submitted by MPs of the ruling Fidesz party, the bill now outlaws “promoting or portraying” homosexuality or sex reassignment to minors and limits sexual education in schools.

This law is shocking on so many levels, and I’d like to highlight two aspects that are particularly ludicrous.

The first is the underlying association between the necessary protection of minors and the assumption that LGBTQI+ people could be a risk to them. That is a homophobic trope that has no place in a modern society.

The second is that LGBTQI+ people have the choice to be part of this community or not. The only choice a person has is to accept who they are and to live in accordance with their true self.

I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Progressive Judaism values diversity. We cherish the image of the rainbow, as the multiplicity of colours that make up our shared humanity. No one should feel threatened by the difference. I am with you with all my heart, and once again, Shabbat shalom, a Shabbat of peace and good tidings.


Rabbi David Maxa
Rabbi of Ec chajim – The Progressive Jewish Community of Prague and Convenor of the Central European Beit Din:

Dear friends, with great distress and worry I observe rising hatred against LGBTQ+ people in Hungary. I refer for example to Hungary’s new law banning the depiction of homosexuality to people under 18 and clearly discriminating people because of their sexual orientation. This law inevitably implies that being homosexual and living in a same-sex relationship means something to be ashamed of. It conveys the message that children must be protected from the bare knowledge of the existence of difference. Based on having listened to the experience of many friends, I know how painful and difficult it can be to accept one’s sexual identity even without that much hatred surrounding you. Therefore, I would like to share with you my words of support. I can testify that my two great friends of mine are a gay couple, amazing husbands, whose love and mutual support for one another can serve as an example to both homosexual and heterosexual couples, as well as exemplary parents to a thirteen-year-old boy. They have much to be proud of. With that message, I would like to tell you: Never be ashamed of who you are! Many people are standing with you. I wish you a peaceful and meaningful Pride Shabbat, Shabbat Shalom!


Denise Eger rabbi
President of the Central Conference of American Rabbis

Dear Friends,

Happy LGBTQ+ Pride all the way from West Hollywood, California. At Congregation Kol Ami we stand in solidarity with each of you-members of our tribe and celebrate all the parts of our identities: Being Jewish and being queer!
We have heard of the difficulties that the LGBTQ community in Hungary is facing. We remember our synagogue visit to Budapest in the summer of 2019 and meeting with members of the community. We heard then of the increasing difficulties for our LGBTQ siblings. And now these new laws that went into effect make it even more difficult—for young people to find the information they need to live healthy and happy and whole lives. Remember you are not alone. The world is witness to what you are going through.
Being Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, NonGenderConforming, NonBinary, Transgender, Pansexual, Asexual—all are part of our human rainbow that God made-b’tzelem Elohim, In the image of God. You are loved for who you are. Never let anyone shame you for your sexual orientation or gender identity or gender expression. You are just who you are meant to be!

Pride is a celebration of all of that. Being yourself; community; living in human dignity. Continue to fight back and fight for the rights of all. That is the core of being filled with pride.

The rainbow flag, made by Gilbert Baker, designer and maker of the flag said this: The flag is action- its more than just the cloth and stripes. When a person puts the flag on his car or house they are not just flying a flag they are taking action.”

By celebrating Pride, even when the government is does immoral things like forbid information and help to our transgender siblings, or forbids Same gender marriage, we must take action and speak up against their crimes against humanity. Our humanity.

Never be silent. Never be complacent; Speak up and Act Up

A blessing for each of you as you celebrate being just who you are:

We Have Always Been
I look back into history,
Pouring over our texts, sacred and profane,
Searching for some kind of opening
Where I can see myself, where I can see us
I search
And find
Rejection from our communities and leaders,
Our existence hidden, shamed, criminalized, excommunicated,
Jailed, killed.
I keep searching
And catch a glimpse of our vitality, our desire, our love our bless, our rebellion
Our chosen family.
In these glimpses I see a sliver of light
Pouring out of the opening.
I sprint toward it- our past, our present, our future-
And, with all my might, break the door off its hinges.
I pant, breathless, on the other side.
I want to scream, but instead, I whisper: “We are here. We are here.”
We have always been.
(Yedid, Dave,Mishkan Ga’avah: Where Pride Dwells, A celebration of LGBTQ Jewish Life and Ritual, ed. Eger, p. 152, CCARPRESS, 2020)


Gesa Ederberg
Rabbi of New Synagogue Berlin, one of the founders of the European Rabbinical Assembly of Masorti/Conservative Rabbis. Executive Vice President of Masorti Europe

Dear participants of the Pride Shabbat Service in Hungary, we are so proud of you that you dare to come together and celebrate diversity and the many colors of the rainbow despite the terrifying situation for LGBTIQ rights in Hungary.

Please know that the Berlin Jewish Community at Oranienburger Strasse Synagogue stands in solidarity with you.

Wishing you Shabbat Shalom and behatzlacha,

Rabbi Gesa Shira Ederberg


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